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ISSUE #2: Queer Utopias and Nihilism

In this issue we are interested in exploring, expanding upon and exploding current conceptions of Queer Utopia (see a & b) and Nihilism.

Both concepts suggest a relationship to time, distance, desire, form, duration and trajectory. 3rd language is currently seeking participants in this submission-based conversation.

Points of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Queer temporality and survival
  • Immanence
  • Romanticization of domesticity and Western ideals
  • Economic optimism and pessimism
  • Geographies of hopelessness
  • Ideals, morality and beauty
  • Manifestation of a Queer world
  • Lineage and artifacts of the past and future
  • (Re)production and fertility

Feel free to submit anything that you think may apply. Please don’t feel at all limited by the above points of interest or the overall theme, they are meant to serve as inspiration and points of departure. There is no limitation in length, size or media. Submit works to zine@3rd-language.com in PDF. format by Feb 21 2013.